JRZ RS Pro Coilover - Nissan 370Z

JRZ RS Pro Coilover - Nissan 370Z

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The RS Pro street dampeRS Pro have been developed from many yeaRS Pro of professional racing experience. The RS Pro damper allows for external adjustment of both the rebound and compression functions of the damper. In addition to the same precise and accurate rebound adjustment as in the single adjustable race damper, the RS Pro are double adjustable. The compression adjustment technology is the same as that of the race veRS Proion. The RS Pro does not utilize a separate canister. The RS Pro has both the rebound and compression adjustments on the damper itself. The RS Pro takes the RS one step further with the addition of an external reservior canister. The RS Pro utilizes the external reservior to house the precise compression adjustment mechanism.


Main spring
Tender spring
Aluminum spacer
Camber Plates Front
Top Mounting Plate Rear