JRZ Race Triple Adjustable Coilover - Nissan R35 GT-R

JRZ Race Triple Adjustable Coilover - Nissan R35 GT-R

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The triple-adjustable is identical to the double adjustable with the exception of an additional compression adjustment added. This allows for more fine-tuning of the suspension. Teamed with the race proven capabilities of the JRZ single- and double-adjustable shocks, the triple-adjustable shock has a separate adjustment device to control the low speed compression damping forces without affecting the mid- and high-speed range. Because the large 22mm piston rod provides sufficient oil flow on very small and low-speed shock movements, the low-speed adjuster mechanism is very sensitive and responsive. The low-speed adjuster uses a bore design in which the area can be varied. The adjuster is located on top of the remote reservoir and has eight adjustment positions. Changes made to low-speed damping forces (shock rod velocity of less than 1.5 – 2 inches per sec.) have a major effect on handling because corner entry, corner exit, braking, and power down are all about low speed shock rod movements. The JRZ triple adjustable shock is the way to go to fine tune your racecar.

* Very sensitive and responsive compression adjustment mechanism
* Large piston rod provides maximum oil flow on small movements
* Precise rebound control mechanism
* Light weight and high strength
* Better heat dissipation
* Outstanding repeatability


Main spring
Tender spring
Aluminum spacer
Top Mounting Plate Front
Top Mounting Plate Rear