Hondata K Pro ECU Package- '00-05 S2000

Hondata K Pro ECU Package- '00-05 S2000

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This is a specially adapted ECU that allows the 2000-2005 Honda S2000 to run from an RSX ECU. The package includes a RSX Type-S PRB ECU that is adapted to plug into the S2000 ECU harness. Included is a specially built wiring harness for the cam and crank sensors. ( The S2000 cam and crank sensors need to be replaced to operate with the RSX ECU )

Main Features:

* Brand new, serialized Hondata K-Pro4 system fully installed and tested
* Custom adapted PRB ECU for use with S2000 ECU harness
* Factory reliability for your '00-'05 S2000
* Easy starting
* Dash water temperature display functions correctly
* All the great features of KPro
* Injector recalibration
* Fully mapped boost tables
* Nitrous control
* Datalogging

The following items MUST be changed for the K-Pro to work properly with the S2000:

* Crank sensor p/n 37500-PZX-003
* Crank wheel p/n 13622-PCX-013
* TDC sensor p/n 37510-PZX-003
* TDC wheel p/n 14112-PCX-003
* Valve cover p/n 12310-PCX-020
* Drain plug washer (for PCV valve) p/n 94109-14000
* PCV valve p/n 17130-PCX-003
* IAT sensor p/n 37880-P05-A00 (not required, but stock IAT will read about 30 degrees hotter)