HKS Super Manifold with Catalyzer GT-Spec for FR-S & BRZ

HKS Super Manifold with Catalyzer GT-Spec for FR-S & BRZ

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HKS has released this 4-2-1 equal length header for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ. 

This WILL fit the stock over pipe and any other aftermarket overpipe and frontpipe.

HKS Description:
Exhaust Manifold is the key to the 86/BRZ power upgrade. The stock manifold has the catalyzer which prevents from better performance. But HKS catalyzer can provide more power because of the less resistance and better cleaning exhaust which passed the Japanese gas regulation.

Manifold part is designed of 4-2-1 layout design that has better performance. And for the catalyzer part, HKS put more catalyzer metals which change the cleaning ability. So it’s smaller and powerful that passed the regulation.

It has more power because of the 4-2-1 layout design. It has less exhaust resistance so that has more power for the normal range to high RPM.

It's more comfortable driving experience because of the better performance at a normal range acceleration. And also at the high RPM it’s better feeling stock and fun to drive fast in the NA.