HKS Step 1 256* EX Camshaft - BNR32 BNR33 RB26DETT

HKS Step 1 256* EX Camshaft - BNR32 BNR33 RB26DETT

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HKS Step 1 256* EX Camshaft - BNR32 BNR33 RB26DETT

Duration: 256 Deg
Valve Lift: 8.7mm
Valve Timing: 113 Deg
Position: Exhaust

The Pursuit of Maximum Camshaft Efficiency
The concept behind the HKS camshafts was to produce something that the customers would be truly happy with. This sounds simple on the surface but this is something very challenging. When the development team looked carefully at the details, the ultimate conclusion they drew was to look at the core purpose of the cam itself (to smoothly allow air into and out of the combustion chamber) and a good cam would do this job for the maximum efficiency.

Development possible because of true "In-house" production
When HKS refer to "in-house", it does not simply mean to produce everything with our own facilities. HKS does build from the ground up Instead of looking for a guide from the vehicle manufacturers The design, processing, test and production are all linked together with particular attention, therefore the testing and redesignings are based on those results. The results of this R&D are then reflected on the final production of the items. All of this is necessary to provide the customer a product which they can be truly feel happy with and to maintain HKS' position as the pioneer in the tuning industry


HKS SS-Cam are designed to fit unmodified cylinder heads with stock Valve Springs to be a simple bolt on cam kit that can give added performance without changing any other parts or the valve timing.

By changing cams, cam duration and lift is altered making the ideal valve timing different also. HKS SS-Cams have been tested on the engine bench to find the optimum valve timing and the knock pin has been relocated in a modified position to offer perfect valve timing by simply replacing stock cams with no need for measurement or adjustment.