HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Kit - 05-14 Subaru Impreza STI

HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Kit - 05-14 Subaru Impreza STI

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HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Kit - 05-14 Subaru Impreza STI

For Applied model F. Not fit to Spec C, stock option fog lamp, and stock recirculation. Racing Suction Reloaded(70020-AF006) required.

Front mount intercooler kit with S-type core. (Core size : 600 x 244 x 65)
New S-type core was developed only for GDB kit in order to improve response. Because front mount layout usually has a demerit of slow response.
Pipe layout is designed as straight and short as possible. It enabled as quick boost response as stock intercooler.
When a vehicle is stopped, stock top mount intercooler core keeps heat inside from the engine compartment and then, when the car starts, sometimes knocking occurs.
Front mount intercooler decreases intake air temperature and it enables safe and reliable tuning.

ECU setting is required. (F-CON etc.)
Racing Suction Reloaded (70020-AF006), which is sold separately, is required.
Front Bumper and reinforcement needs to be modified.
It is not possible to install stock Fog Lamp and recirculation valve. (Installation of HKS Super SQV is recommended.)
It is possible to use with HKS Oil Cooler Kit (for applied model E 15004-AF006, for applied model F 15004-AF007). Modification of air guide is required.
It does not fit to STI SPEC C (with Transmission Cooler, Engine Oil Cooler).

For JDM Subaru Impreza, For GDB Chassis w/EJ20 Motor, For Model F, Does Not Fit Spec-C, Does Not Fit w/OEM Fog Lamps, Combines w/Water Cooled Oil Cooler, For JDM EJ20 Motor