HKS Intercooler Pipe Kit - 93-95 Mazda RX-7 FD3S

HKS Intercooler Pipe Kit - 93-95 Mazda RX-7 FD3S

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HKS Intercooler Pipe Kit - 93-95 Mazda RX-7

 HKS Intercooler Pipe Upgrade kits, by design, increase the efficiency and performance over the factory intercooler pipe system. The application specific kits utilize either cast aluminum or mandrel bent steel pipes to replace the factory rubber or plastic intercooler pipes. Factory intercooler piping has the tendency to expand, come loose or crack under increased boost conditions. The use of HKS intercooler piping offers increased durability, consistent boost pressure, and an attractive appearance. Steady and/or higher boost pressure plus improved response are typical gains from installing an HKS intercooler pipe upgrade kit. Each HKS kit includes aluminum or steel pipes, silicone hoses, stainless steel clamps and other hardware needed to integrate with the factory turbo and intercooler system.