HKS Intercooler Kit Honda Civic Type R FK8

HKS Intercooler Kit Honda Civic Type R FK8

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  • The K20C engine achieves 320ps with 2.0L displacement, and the boost pressure exceeds 150kPa. Since the stock intercooler’s capacity is insufficient, the engine intake air temperature rises to nearly 90℃.
    →HKS intercooler is using a larger size intercooler to maintain cooling performance.
  • The stock intercooler piping layout has a sharp bend so the intake air does not flow smoothly and causes the boost pressure loss.
    →HKS intooler integrates the inlet side tank of the intercooler and pipe to realize a smooth air flow and reduce air intake loss.



  • Newly designed 100mm wide core is approximately 200% of the stock in the core capacity. This large core shows overwhelming cooling performance difference. 
    Core Size  ★HKS:695mm x 178mm x 100mm  ★Stock:680mm x 143mm x 64mm
  • Minor modification of the fan shroud and rubber part that comes in contact with the core is required.