HKS Hipermax D NOB spec Coilovers - Nissan S15

HKS Hipermax D NOB spec Coilovers - Nissan S15

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HKS Hipermax D' NOBspec Coilovers - Nissan S15

Collaboration between HKS and the first D1 champion Mr. Nobuteru Taniguchi created HIPERMAX D’ NOB spec. This is the suspension for “easy drifting.” Stiff suspension is not the only tool for drifting. Mr. Taniguchi and HKS conducted tests on load shift, traction, etc at various levels of drifting skill, and the best specifications for drifting were developed. HIPERMAX D’ NOBspec. brings back the fun of drifting.


  • Camber Range: (3~5Deg)
  • Damping Force (Front): 696m/sec (Rebound) & 412m/sec (Compression)
  • Damping Force (Front): 942m/sec (Rebound) & 197m/sec (Compression)
  • Front Upper Mount: Spherical Bearing
  • Lowering (Front): -39mm (From 0 to -80mm)
  • Lowering (Rear): -60mm (From 0 to -116mm)
  • Rear Upper Mount: Spherical Bearing
  • Spring Length (Front): 200mm
  • Spring Length (Rear): 200mm
  • Spring Rate (Front): 78N/mm (8kgf/mm)
  • Spring Rate (Rear): 59N/mm (6kgf/mm)