HKS Graphite Design Carbon Brace GR Supra Full Set

HKS Graphite Design Carbon Brace GR Supra Full Set

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HKS CARBON BRACE features high quality Japanese-made carbon material, jointly designed with Graphite
Design, the No. 1 company for golf carbon shafts and tour pro use, to create a unique “Flex" effect that

improves both driving performance and ride comfort.

Typical braces provide strength through the addition of mounting points, many are designed without
consideration for harmony with the interior.
This product has an additional mounting point and an inner
lid compared to other companies' products, which allows replacement without the feeling of ”replaced".

The use of carbon material in the engine bay and rear cabin gives a luxurious finish, making it a product
that combines functionality with a dress
-up effect.The brackets on both ends are machined from
aluminum and colorless anodized to provide the beauty and corrosion resistance of aluminum.
It has a
-engraved HKS brand logo