Greddy Traditional Diamond Shape Shift Knob - GR86

Greddy Traditional Diamond Shape Shift Knob - GR86

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GReddy Shift Knob GSK-A04 - Specifically for the GR86 / (GR Yaris) 

    and other metric shifters with the correct thread pattern, size and the same larger 28mm Diameter lockout switch.

Product features

-Aluminum shift knob with height adjustment function
-A lineup of GReddy shift knobs for models with thick reverse lock levers. (φ28)   
Model example: GR 86 & GR Yaris 
-Compatible with 3 types of genuine shift lever screw sizes (M10P1.25, M10P1.5, M12P1.25).
-The mounting height can be adjusted steplessly. (Adjustment range: Approximately 15 mm ~)
-Highly rigid mounting with a metal adapter.



-Use by replacing with a genuine screw type shift knob.
・ For general-purpose, 6-speed transmission vehicles with reverse lock lever. (Vehicles with thick 
 lock lever ) The outer diameter of the part that goes into the knob of the lock lever supports up to φ28.
・ Mounting weight: 185 to 191 g
* Please check the screw size of the genuine shift lever carefully. 
* Check the screw specifications, reverse lock specifications, boot shape, etc. of the vehicle to be installed.

-Shift Knob body (machined aluminum, Twilight plating) 
, Includes Screw adapter, three types (M10 × P1.25, M10 × P1.5, M12 × P1.25) 
, lock screw 
, shift pattern stickers five 
· L Alanwrench