GReddy Supreme SP Axle-back Exhaust - ND Miata MX-5 2016+

GReddy Supreme SP Axle-back Exhaust - ND Miata MX-5 2016+

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The Supreme SP for the 4th generation ND Mazda Miata was designed and engineered specifically to suit the USA spec 2.0l Skyactiv-G engine combination. Unique to this application is the availability of either the pre-resonated axle-back muffler system, for maximum sound control with enhanced flow. Or there is also a full system, that includes a dual resonated mid-pipe for even more performance and a sportier sound. The full system showed power increase throughout the RPM band, with maximum gains, of 13hp/8ft-lbs, as low as 3500rpm. Both options use the same unique rear section with dual 82mm GReddy exhaust tips. Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty


Chassis:  ND
Engine:  2.0l Skyactiv-G 
Type:   Cat-back

Number of pieces:  3pcs
Piping:   63.5 mm (2.5")
Tip(s):   2x. 82mm (3.25")
Gasket(s):     2.5" oval (qty: 3 included) replacement
Resonator:   3x

Weight:  TBA lbs   (Stock weight  TBA lbs)
Sound level:  98 dB(a)

HP:  +13  hp @3500rpm (5peak)
TRQ:  +9  ft-lbs (8peak)