GReddy - S13 SR20DET Intake Manifold

GReddy - S13 SR20DET Intake Manifold

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GReddy 13522319 Intake Manifold Plenum S13 SR20DET

Greddy Intake Manifold Plenum is a must have for people looking for ways to increase air flow into their engine. This manifold will improve mid to high RPM range power. This intake is a great complementary upgrade with a turbo upgrade to run even higher boost. Install of this manifold requires some modification of the fuel rail and throttle pulley. Nissan S13 SR20DET users have the choice of getting the optional Greddy cold pipe made to mate the Greddy Intake Manifold with the Greddy FMIC. No modification is required with GReddy's cold pipe!

Note: This manifold can be used with factory throttle body and fuel rail (with modified tabs).

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