GReddy PRofec B-Spec2 Silver Electronic Boost Controller

GReddy PRofec B-Spec2 Silver Electronic Boost Controller

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The PRofec B-Spec2 integrates all the basics of an electronic boost controller, with additional useful options.   Use the built-in boost gauge (psi or kPa) to tune in a Lo. & Hi. SET % to raise the boost pressure, then optimize consistency and response with GAIN % and adjust the START GAIN to set initial wastegate response.  Also built-in are optional: Warning point, Warning limiter, and peak & last boost record.  Compatible with integral and external wastegates and our RSS or SCC’s optional speed trigger.

Silver head unit - electronic boost controller

Built in Boost gauge (kPA or PSI)
2 preset setting(Lo. & Hi.) 
   Set % - to increase boost
   Gain % - wastegate response adjustment
   Start Boost - inital boost response adjustment
Warning point, warning limiter, peak-hold/Last boost

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