GReddy Evo 3 Exhaust for Infiniti G35 (03-07)

GReddy Evo 3 Exhaust for Infiniti G35 (03-07)

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Building on the ever-popular Evolution line, we are proud to introduce the GReddy Evo3, Evolution Exhaust System. The Evo3 was designed to provide the best combination of Performance and Sound. Retaining the same Evo muffler style and effective off-set Tip combination, the new Evo3 muffler overall diameter is now 10% smaller, but maintains effective sound suppression with a classic GReddy Evo sound. Each vehicle application is carefully studied and designed with larger piping diameters to maintain proper routing and flow for power, throaty sound at wide-open throttle and precise fitment and functional style.

Full Dual Exhaust, Y-back, Dual Muffler, cat-back exhust, SUS304

*Retains catalytic convertors

CPV35, (VQ35DE) T


Number of pieces:  5

Piping:  70mm (2.75")

Tip: 102mm (4.0")

Resonator:  Yes, 2x

Sound Level:  dBA @ RPM

*Data collected on stock vehicle