GReddy Airinx S General Purpose Universal Air Filter - Small

GReddy Airinx S General Purpose Universal Air Filter - Small

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General purpose dry Airinx S Universal Filter with various dia. inlet (50-60, 70, 80mm) with aluminum GReddy side emblem

Product features

  • Polyurethane made monolithic high performance dry filter.
  • Three-layer structure of steel net and high performance fiber filter realizes high rigidity and intake performance
  • Filter top, filter base, pipe opening made of polyurethane. Due to the integral molding structure with the filter, it is excellent in flexibility, durability and impact resistance.
  • By adopting the sub filter [inverted top] on the filter top, it secures a wide filter surface area and increases the suction efficiency.
  • You can dress up the engine room with the aluminum engraved design on the aluminum top cover and the included aluminum emblem.
  • When using this product, the air-fuel ratio may become thinner due to the improvement of suction efficiency and individual differences of the vehicle.
  • Always check the air-fuel ratio at a special shop. Also, when using it in conjunction with other tuning parts, please check the air-fuel ratio as well as above.

S - Sm
    Filter Height : 140mm 
    Top Diameter : 
    Bottom Diameter :