GKTECH S13 S14 40mm Rear Drop Knuckles Spindle

GKTECH S13 S14 40mm Rear Drop Knuckles Spindle

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After nearly 2 years in development, countless prototypes and revisions we have a lightweight yet strong drop knuckle for the S/R/Z32 chassis Nissan's. They come with dual caliper brackets as standard, QA1 spherical bearings throughout and have all new kinematics to drastically improve anti-squat, bumpsteer, cambergain curves and raised roll center height.

- Ability to run dual caliper without spacing the rotor out
- Ability to run drum brake in standard position with dual calipers (or single caliper) installed
- The drop is 40 mm - optimized for cars 40 mm lower than factory ride height (more drop would have required proprietary arms)
- QA1 spherical bearings throughout as standard, common bearing size so replacements are easy to get and affordable (QA1 COM10T)
- All new kinematics to significantly increase grip over regular drop knuckles
1) Optimized camber curve for more even tyre wear
2) Optimized bumpsteer for toe-in under compression without OEM arms' elastokinematics
3) Increased anti-squat for more rear weight transfer and traction
4) Raised roll center height for better handling

- Light weight sheet metal design optimized using finite element analyses for ultimate strength - fully dressed weight (bearings, spacers, circlips) 4.1kg (standard knuckle is 5.1kg)
- Clearance for larger GTR drive shafts

Installation notes:
- To be mounted with bearing mounting holes perpendicular to the ground in static height (extended LCA's that push the wheel out to the rear of the wheel arch will NOT work well, or at all if extended too far out). Note that our rear LCA's adjust perpendicular to the center line of the car, which makes sense.
- With standard lower control arm length on an S14/S15 subframe the ideal traction arm length is 199mm (adjust toe and camber accordingly, best results should be at around 0 degrees camber/0mm toe), and on an S13/180sx subframe the ideal traction arm length is around 212mm, again 0 degrees camber and 0mm toe.
- Will fit all S, R and Z32 chassis' with the use of an S chassis style lower coilover mounting, S13/R32/Z32 and to get the most out of the kinematics improvements, an S14/S15/R33/R34 rear subframe is suggested. Alternatively the lower control arm front pivot point can be moved up. We will be making a relocation bracket which to be released soon after and being a very basic product (sheet metal), they will be cheap.
- Will clear 17" rims (and even 16" rims with low offsets) and all 18" rims but please note that the closer the rim sits in the wheel-well, the greater the chance that the toe arm mount will come close to hitting. A 17x10.5 +22 Enkei RPF1 wheel was tested and still has around 5 mm of clearance (ample)
- Aftermarket camber, toe and traction rods ARE required and MUST have rose joints as the suspension mounting points on the knuckle are in significantly altered and rubber or similar wouldn't have enough misalignment to work. Lower control arms can be OEM or aftermarket and do not need to be changed. OEM bushings in lower control arms will produce different bumpsteer curves