Ferodo DS3000 - Honda FK8 Civic Type R - Front

Ferodo DS3000 - Honda FK8 Civic Type R - Front

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11 FCP1334R-N
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DS3000  is one of the most decorated race pads in the global motorsports market, having won in diverse venues from rally to open wheel cars.  
The DS3000 has high bite and good fade resistance.  It has a slightly rising torque curve, which means that as temperatures go up, bite increases slightly.  Although the bite of the DS3000 is slightly higher than the DS1.11, wear rates are also higher.  If you are doing extended lapping (30 minute+ sessions) or endurance racing, and are concerned about pad wear rates, the DS1.11 is probably the better choice for you.


* We recommend these pads for Type R's that are near stock power but running increased tire sizing and/or 200tw, and want to hit the track.

If you have engine modifications and or running very aggressive tires such as 285 width or 100tw tires, we recommend stepping up to the DS1.11 pads.