F.A.S.T  "Racer Series" Cool Suit Shirt Water System

F.A.S.T "Racer Series" Cool Suit Shirt Water System

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F.A.S.T. "Racer Series" Cool Suit includes a premium grade cotton t-shirt with over 50 feet of small capillary water tubing sewn onto the front and back. This separates the shirt into four equal cooling zones for maximum comfort. The eight quart ice chest will carry enough ice that will last up to 2 hours. The double insulated water hose has quick release dry-break disconnects on both ends.

System Includes:

  • FA202 8 quart cooler with internal pump is only 3 pounds

  • 12 Volt pump @ only 1.9 Amps

  • 12 inch electrical wire hook up with connector

  • FA210 Premium grade, cotton T-shirt (S-XXXL) 

  • FA211 Water hose with dry-break disconnects at both ends