Delicious Tuning - Flex Fuel Package for Evolution X (Enabled for Cobb Accessport)

Delicious Tuning - Flex Fuel Package for Evolution X (Enabled for Cobb Accessport)

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Plug-and-play Flex Fuel tuning is now available for all Mitsubishi Evolution X models (2008-2016) The Delicious system works with all manual (GSR) and paddle-shift (MR) Evolutions of this generation, and its flexibility both permits Cobb Accessport connectivity as well as simplifies the calibration process for tuners using the Evo X software.

The consistent Evolution X platform, hardware and sensors enabled Delicious Tuning’s software to be compatible with the original-equipment product across the board, making the expanded tuning options, improved cooling and knock resistance, and increased boost potential of ethanol blend fuels available for owners and tuners of the popular tenth-generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Standardized Evolution X programming also allowed the Delicious kit to include additional features, such as the programming necessary to account for intake air temperature variations at the MAF sensor.


The Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel kit for all Mitsubishi Evolution Xs is already being manufactured in the U.S.A. and is on sale, so come get ‘em. This is the only Flex Fuel kit for the Evo X that works with Cobb’s Accessport (version 2 or 3).


-Flexfuel Sensor

-Ethanol content analyzer (ECA)

-Ethanol-compatible nylon fuel lines and stainless steel hardware

-Delicious Tuning app, which links your smart phone to the ECA via Bluetooth to display live-read ethanol content information.