Defi Red Racer 52mm Gauge Pressure

Defi Red Racer 52mm Gauge Pressure

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Defi Gauges are industry leading, with many OEM car manufacturers turning to Defi for their gauge clusters.

Defi Racer gauges all feature the stepping motor "Step Master VS-2" which provides extremely smooth and accurate operation.

Defi's White Racer series gauges will reward you with their great response and reliable readings. The gauge faces are a stealthy tinted black when the power is off. Fire up your car and enjoy Defi's signature sweeping ceremony as the gauges light up bright white. Defi White Racer gauges are standalone gauges as they do not require a Defi-Link Control Unit for use. The temperature gauge can be used for water or oil and the pressure gauge for fuel or oil. The Racer series are smaller, less expensive, and don't require a control unit but still have the aggressive styling and accuracy that Defi is known for. These gauges are 52mm and display in US measurement units.


  • Features:
  • The outer bezel contains a red triangle and can be rotated to be used as a visual indicator
  • Enjoy Defi's signature flashing and sweeping ceremony on power on / off.
  • Self-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during startup.