Clutch Masters 850 Series (Race/Street) Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 350Z / 370Z (VQ35HR)

Clutch Masters 850 Series (Race/Street) Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 350Z / 370Z (VQ35HR)

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Clutch Masters 850 Series(Race/Street) Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 08-13 Infiniti G37, 07-08 Nissan 350Z/ 09-14 370Z

The 850 series is a larger diameter assembly, which is designed for high horsepower applications. The 850 Series has a higher holding capacity, less clutch chatter, and a smoother engagement compared to the 725 Series. The 850 series Twin disc will accept one sprung disc creating a slightly smoother engagement compared to two rigid discs
Available Stages:
“Street and Race” (TD8S)  – 1 sprung ceramic disc, and 1 fiber tuff rigid disc 
“Race” (TD8R) – 1 sprung ceramic disc, and 1 ceramic rigid disc.
Clutch Masters offers custom option when required by utilizing a variety of friction surfaces, discs and pressure ratings to satisfy any need!
Clutch Masters Twin Disc features:
  • Components can be purchased separately for economical repair.
  • Positive release for ease of high RPM staging and shifting.
  • Most have experienced better 4/10's times and averaged hundreds of passes without complications or repair
All systems include:
  • Aluminum Cover Assembly with attached Diaphragm
  • Pressure Plate Ring
  • Two Discs
  • One Mid Plate
  • Billet Aluminum Flywheel (Steel available on select applications, call for price)
  • Release Bearing (when applicable)
  • Pilot Bearing (when applicable)
  • Pressure Plate Bolts