Chase Bays Fuel Line Kit - Nissan 240sx S13 / S14 / S15 with GM LS | Vortec V8

Chase Bays Fuel Line Kit - Nissan 240sx S13 / S14 / S15 with GM LS | Vortec V8

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Chase Bays AN Fuel Line Kit - Nissan 240SX S13/S14/S15

This product is designed for enthusiasts who need to modify the engine bay fuel system in order to compensate for the GM LS | Vortec V8 engine swap, those who want to clean up their engine bay with quality stealth design and components, and to adapt an aftermarket fuel rail or fuel pressure regulator seamlessly. If assembled incorrectly the fuel lines can cause leaks, which can easily catch your car on fire and/or lead to engine failure. With our kit we use the best fittings in the industry and pressure test every line we assemble. If this product is installed correctly, we guarantee a leak free start up. 


We do not support the OEM Fuel Rail and OEM to -6AN adapter fitting because its prone to leaking and we've personally watched them cause fires at the track

This kit includes (4) black -6AN nylon sheathing/SS reinforced hoses and a black anodized fuel filter. Everything needed for the changeover. The FPR mounts on the driver side shock tower. It is a pre-fuel rail designed fuel pressure regulator setup. Most kits have the FPR after the fuel rail, which makes for 1 extra fuel line and more engine bay clutter. This requires you to plug/block off one side of the fuel rail. 

• Fuel Feed to Filter - This clamps to the OEM feed hard line coming out from beneath the chassis (see photos) and attaches to the inline fuel filter. The inline fuel filter attaches to a 90º coupler to attach to the inlet fitting on the FPR.

• FPR to Fuel Rail – This line threads onto the FPR then to the supplied fuel rail adapter fitting on the fuel rail.

• FPR to Return – The fuel return line attaches to the bottom of the FPR then routes down to the OEM return hard line.

• Rail 2 to Rail 1 - This line bridges each bank together so both fuel rails get fuel. Our sleek design keeps this line on the back of the intake manifold to eliminate the clutter on the front.