Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Kit - Nissan S15

Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Kit - Nissan S15

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Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Kit - Nissan S15

The Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper is the perfect complete suspension kit with resemblance of P1 racing dampers excellent designs while it is de-tuned for street circuit use. However, the car specific pillow ball upper mount design, proper spring rate, 15 level damper adjustment, and height adjustment capabilities accommodates drivers requests.

With an adoption of a adjustable bracket the ideal low postion can be achieved without any use of helper spring. One rotation, approximately 2mm, will enable the user to change the length of the damper. Dampers are black plated rather then painted for extra durability.

Application of the upper pillow upper mount allows you to have greater handling response, by minimizing upper chasis movement. Caster adjusment allows the correction of camber for further tuning ability. Caster adjustment plates are not included on all applications.

One Rotationgive Approximately 2mm Change in Lengh of Damper
15 Level Damper Adjustability
Mono Tube Type Shell Case
Cadmium Plated for Additional Corrosion Resistance