Borg Warner EFR 7064 .83 A/R T3 Single Scroll Internal Wastegate

Borg Warner EFR 7064 .83 A/R T3 Single Scroll Internal Wastegate

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The EFR 7064 is a stage up from the 62 series of the EFR turbos.  52.2mm Inducer, 70mm exducer compressor has a flow rate of 56lb/min.
This turbo is extremely efficient and spools etremely fast.  This turbo will be able to produce 350hp to 475hp on a single turbo setup.
The low inertia 64mm Gamma-Ti turbine will allow for even the smaller displacement engines to spool quickly and make use of the broad power band.

Compressor Specs
* Compressor Wheel Inducer: 52.2mm
* Compressor Wheel Exducer (OD): 70mm
* Max Flow Rate: 56 lb/min
* Housing: 3.5" Ported shroud inlet, 2.0" hose coupler outlet.

Turbine Features
* Gamma-Ti turbine wheel cuts turbine inertia up to 50%, dramatically improving turbo response & permitting high rotational speeds.
* Solid Stainless Steel Investment Cast thin wall turbine housing for extreme durability, huge weight reductions & lowered thermal inertia. Very smooth internal channels promote peak flow.
* Adjustable Internal wastegate actuator Included (internal wastegated units only)
* Large internal wastegate ports handle the flow requirements of high performance engines. (internal wastegated units only)

Turbine Specs
* Turbine Wheel OD: 58mm
* Available Housing Option #1: T3 Undivided Single Scroll Inlet, 3" (92mm OD) V-band downpipe discharge w/ Internal Wastegate

Center Section
* Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearing Design (extreme durability & the lowest friction / fastest spooling bearing design produced to date)
* Built-in -4 AN oil control orifice included (no restrictor needed)
* Water-cooled ( water-cooling is recommended but not mandatory)
* Double seals on both turbine and compressor end for extreme durability & resistance to oil seepage