Bell Intercoolers Core  18 x 15 x 3.50 - 600HP

Bell Intercoolers Core 18 x 15 x 3.50 - 600HP

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Looking to fabricate your own custom intercooler setup, and want the best for your race car?
Bell Intercoolers have been used by some of the most recognizable race teams.  Why?  Because they expect the best also.

A well-designed Air to Air intercooler system represents the most cost efficient and reliable mehtod of reducing intake charge temperatures in turbocharger and supercharger applications.
With no moving parts the Air to Air system provides essentially maintenance free reliability, just this side of bulletproof.  Couple this with Bell Intercoolers engineering and design expertise and you havea  proven method of harnessing the potential of your turbocharged or supercharged engine.

Bell Intercoolers cores are US-Made and vacuum-brazed.  This quality ensures the highest boost pressure capacities and efficiencies for maximum performance, all covered by a one-year warranty!

**Recommended and used by Touge Factory for custom intercooler fabrication**

Thickness (A):   3.50"
Width (C):        18.00"
Height (B):       15.10"
Flow:                793 CFM

With proper ducting and air flow, this intercooler should be sufficient up to 600HP applications.