ATS Carbon - 1.5 WAY Carbon Hybrid LSD BNR32 Skyline GTR - FRONT

ATS Carbon - 1.5 WAY Carbon Hybrid LSD BNR32 Skyline GTR - FRONT

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By utilizing the CC composite discs, the ATS carbon LSD posses the superior transitional characteristics from free to differential lock, enabling control that feels quite natural. 

Principal characteristics of the Carbon LSD

Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock
Small degree of slipping which provide a greater flexibility
Super durable
* Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes 
Quiet operation without chattering noise
Very high adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers

Important - it is very important to monitor the differential oil temperature to keep it under 150 C degree (302 F). Continued driving with the differential temperature above that point might cause the carbon chips peeled off.


● Carbon Hybrid LSD

The super fast throttle response Spec 3 to Spec 5 are not avaialble for all the models. For a driver who likes the smooth/quiet engagement of carbon LSD and would like to have a higher initial torque for the models for which Spec 3, 4, 5 are not available, ATS recommend the Carbon Hybrid LSD. 

Carbon Hybrid replaces 2 of the carbon friction discs with the metal friction discs. The intial torque is raised to about 13 to 13.5 kg.m. The noise level also increases a notch but it is much quieter than the metal after the break in.

Some Spec 3, Spec 4 are more expensive than the Spec 1. The Carbon Hybird LSD is also a very good alternative in that situation with its price lower than the Spec 1 carbon LSD.