ATS - 1.5 WAY Carbon SPEC III LSD S13/S14 240SX (Discontinued)

ATS - 1.5 WAY Carbon SPEC III LSD S13/S14 240SX (Discontinued)

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Full Carbon LSD's are no longer available.
Please refer to Carbon Hybrid LSD's.


ATS Carbon LSD is the only genuine carbon LSD in the world with Carbon (CC Composite) as a friction material. 

By the phenomenal frictional property of carbon, it generates a superb throttle response and a powerful locking performance that meet the demanding professional use in racing despite the differential locking force of 1/10th of metal LSD.

Furthermore, It is a truly revolutionary LSD that automatically performs the perfect differential lock that does not interfere with handling (there is no need for worrying understeer)

Even with a very high initial torque of 15 to 20kg.m the carbon LSD does not disturb the neutral handling and the chattering noise is almost zero.  With this feel of neutral handling, you probably will forget the existence of a high initial torque LSD on the street.  

Once you decide to push your car, the ultra sharp response to your throttle work comes to life and asserts its existence.  In addition, since there is virtually no understeer even at a high initial torque, the driver can feel the vehicle behavior completely and can control it in every situation.

As a particularly noteworthy performance, a carbon LSD can provide an unparalleled stability on wet road surface.  For example, carbon LSD can produce seconds faster lap time in a heavy wet track condition.  This means that you can race with a wider safety margin in rain.  Also,  besides a rainy condition, the combined benefit of a high initial torque and superior carbon characteristic promise a steady and stable driving on a highway with a strong wind or on a street of very rough surface.


The LSD is designed for replacing the stock viscous LSD. There is no need for changing the side flanges. It comes with the bearing (installed) and oil seal. 

Ultra high response, Higher initial torque 15kg. USDM SPEC 240SX.