ASM I.S. Design FRP Aero Bonnet - 03-08 Nissan 350Z / Z33

ASM I.S. Design FRP Aero Bonnet - 03-08 Nissan 350Z / Z33

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ASM I.S. Design FRP Aero Bonnet - 03-08 Nissan 350Z / Z33

ASM I.S. Design Aero Bonnet -07 fits all model year Z33. Dry Carbon Construction.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials and methods. Dry carbon construction formed in an autoclave with prepreg carbon. Utilizing 3 atmosphere pressurization formations and 6 hours in the autoclave oven. There are no other Z33 hood that equal the quality of ASM. Fit and finish is perfect with little need for adjustments. The underside framing is full dry carbon, no fiberglass is used in the construction. Air ducts efficiently discharge heat from the exhaust manifolds. Rain channels are formed along the edges of the vents in order to drain water without interfering with cooling capability. Metal hardware is securely attached to the prepreg carbon during the autoclave process so it is not necessary to attach addition hardware such as hood pins but can be done for extra security.

Weighs 6.55 kg (14.44 lbs). Saves 3.88 kg (8.55 lbs) over factory aluminum hood.

Note: Dry Carbon items come pre-prepped for paint. There is NO clear coat on them so it is recommended that they need to be cleared or painted.

ASM Dry Carbon and Fiberglass products are designed and produced at the Challenge Technology Center in Japan. They are produced with the same approach to dry carbon products as OEM to many major japanese car manufacturers using pre-impregnated carbon materials. Design and production involve the use of CAD modeling, cutting plotters, 5-axis 3-D mills, high-pressure autoclaves, and water mills.