ASM Dry Carbon Door For S2000

ASM Dry Carbon Door For S2000

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ASM Dry Carbon Door

Carbon prepreg made, the outer panel 3 atm / inner panel 6 atm autoclave molding. The highest priority on the safety of weight reduction and driver, adopted 5T aluminum honeycomb material to the door skin. Full in the normal shape, genuine lining and switches, door speakers, all can be installed such as a power window. Reference weight 2.9kg. Also genuine door mirror is a normal shape that can be mounted. Possible weight of about 25kg on both sides as compared with the original door. Please contact us on ASM for use on the public roads.

Fit:AP1-100 AP1-110 AP1-120 AP1-130 AP1-200 AP2-100 AP2-110

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