ARC Aluminum Radiator for R32 GTR

ARC Aluminum Radiator for R32 GTR

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About ARC radiator

For the inner tube, use a micro tube molded by a special manufacturing method. We secured the required strength and weight reduction. For the outer fin, the surface area is expanded by the slit structure, and stable cooling performance supported by many races has been realized.

The ARC Super Micro Conditioner Series is the world's best all-aluminum radiator.

The super micro tube (inner tube) realizes excellent pressure resistance and durability because it has several layers of tubes inside the tube. 
In addition, all steps in-house production allows the outer fin to achieve optimum fin pitch according to specifications. Its performance is also proven in the world's top race.

Dead heat, 127.5% difference, new dimension radiator.

Pursuit of heat exchangability that corresponds to engine that improves performance.

Development of heat exchange equipment suitable for high performance of engine performance. ARC has realized a 27.5% higher efficiency than conventional radiators, thanks to a new manufacturing method based on state-of-the-art super microtubes. As a result, it is effective not only for the race but also for the heat exchange performance in the street. It enables stable conditions on the engine.


Depending on the specification, set the necessary series for the engine. Water temperature stability and management realized.

There is a phenomenon in which the engine retards when overheating tends to be caused by the function of the water temperature sensor that senses the engine water temperature. Under such conditions, engine performance may not be fully demonstrated, and in the worst case it may cause trouble and damage. Such stabilization of the water temperature is important to prevent trouble and also to secure the performance aspect of the engine Important Radiator efficiency improvement will show great effect in the tuning stage.