AP Racing C300 Endurance Brake Pads Mitsubishi Evo X - Rear

AP Racing C300 Endurance Brake Pads Mitsubishi Evo X - Rear

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03 CP1368T13.6 C300
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The track side of the AP Racing Brake Pad System, the C300 compound was designed as an edurance solution for anything up to and including the heaviest, fastest cars on the track.  It is capable of standing up to every abuse the top drivers throw at it, and has enough bite, temperature threshold, and longevity for just about any road racing series.  These pads are designed with stability in mind, and their performance remains extremely consistent as laps are clicked off.

The C300 is derived from the same core materials as AP's S100 Street Sport compound, so the two are perfect complements for the road and track.  Drivers should not expect any compatibility issues between these two compounds when swapping their brakes between street and track configurations.  That means fewer pad deposits, less judder, vibration, NVH, and trashed rotors.

Applications: Endurance Sportscar, Sprint Sportscar, Short Track (asphalt and dirt), Rally, Hill Climb, Time Attack/Time Trial, HPDE

Not intended for street use.