AJ Hartman E46 Carbon Fiber Splitter

AJ Hartman E46 Carbon Fiber Splitter

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Aj Hartman's E46 splitter kits are their most complex part yet and have a number of advantages over other splitters on the market. One is a big increace in front end downforce and grip. Unlike other kits on the market, we bond in wearable rub strips to the leading edge to prevent rub through to the core material. This prolongs splitter life. They feature a profiled underside which further aids in downforce production. They have a finished top side, and the dive planes (vertical parts in front of the front tires) are integral to the part. The duck bill leading edge heps feed the underside of the splitter, increasing velocity under the splitter, along with lessening the chance of the splitter diggin into the ground during an off track excursion. Lastly, we use adjustment rods, rather than a fixed mount, to mount them. This gives a small range of adjustibilty for height and/or angle when mouting the spliter. Not shown in the pictures is a small extension panel that will close the gap between the trailing edge of the splitter and engine cradle under the car. These splitters were designed to work great with our E46 Canards found here>


Initial installation can be done with basic hand tools in a few hours.