AiM - Channel Expansion Hub for MXL, EVO3, EVO4

AiM - Channel Expansion Hub for MXL, EVO3, EVO4

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The Channel Expansion Hub allows you to connect up to four analog sensors (or a combination of analog sensors and up to 2 digital sensors) to the CAN data port on your AiM MXL, EVO3, or EVO4 data logger. Combined with the AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub (Part No. MC-329), you can add an unlimited array of sensors without occupying any of the base channels on your data logger.

For example, you could use four linear travel potentiometers connected to one Channel Expansion Hub to measure suspension travel on all four wheels. Connect the Channel Expansion Hub to a 4-Port CAN Data Hub and you can still add GPS, a Lambda controller, and four EGT thermocouples connected through a TC Hub. All of this information is transmitted through the CAN system, leaving the base channels free to measure other parameters such as oil pressure, temperatures, throttle position, steering angle, and brake position. You can turn a very affordable dash into an incredibly powerful data logger!