Agency Power Short Ram Intake Kit Mitsubishi EVO VIII

Agency Power Short Ram Intake Kit Mitsubishi EVO VIII

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Power, Quality, and Fitment. The all-new Agency Power short ram intake kit for your Mitsubishi EVO VIII, MR, and RS is now available. The AP intake kit includes a 6061 aluminum MAF adapter that is 3D machined for high flow, a K&N cone air filter for most horsepower, and an aluminum "L" bracket for easy mounting to factory chassis hole.

The Agency Power MAF adapter includes the engraved text of Agency Power as well as hardware to mount the adapter to the factory MAF housing and bracket. This intake kit is great for aftermarket turbo setups, induction pipes, or just wanting more airflow on your stock EVO.

The K&N cone filter included has a 4-inch inlet with a 6 inch to 4.5-inch diameter on the cone. The filter is reuseable with any K&N filter charger kit for the life of your car. The K&N brand speaks for itself giving your car the airflow it needs!