Agency Power 6 Speed Short Shifter Subaru STI 04-07

Agency Power 6 Speed Short Shifter Subaru STI 04-07

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Agency Power is now releasing its brand new Subaru STI 6 Speed Short Shifter for the 2004 and up models. This short shifter is a direct replacement for the factory shifter. The shifter is 1018 Steel and has a Black oxide finsh. The shifter retains all the factory parts for easy install and functionality. The height is about 2 inches shorter then stock and the throw is about 30% less then stock.

Short Shifters are designed to reduce the throw between gears, which enables you to have smoother and faster shifts. With the solid steel weight, the shifts slam into gear quick and responsively to help reduce shift delay. The lower height gives the shifter a better feel as well. Works with the stock shift knob, shift boot, and reverse lock out mechanism.

This shifter will fit 2011 and older STI cars.