StopTech Front Right Cross Drilled Brake Rotor - Ford '05-'14 Mustang GT V8-4.6L

StopTech Front Right Cross Drilled Brake Rotor - Ford '05-'14 Mustang GT V8-4.6L

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StopTech by Centric Front Right Cross Drilled Brake Rotors - Ford '05-'14 Mustang

What makes StopTech drilled rotors so ‘stop-tacular' is the cross-drilled design, directional vane cooling and the advanced metallurgy behind them. This performance brake rotor trifecta delivers an aggressive bite that stays cool and resists fading, stop after stop after stop. Even under heavy, high-performance use, your SportStop rotors never waver. Not to mention, the behind-the-wheel style always stops the show!

StopTech's center-split core castings and precision mill balancing ensure maximum strength, stability and smooth operation. Couple that with directional vented cooling and you a get a rotor with the most effective heat transfer available. Plus, all non-friction surfaces get a black anti-corrosive E-Coat to stop rust.


  • Come to a sporty stop with StopTech Drilled Brake Rotors
  • Custom crafted for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • Cross-drilled holes expel gases to keep rotor surface clean, cool and dust-free for better braking and longer rotor & pad life
  • Intensifies behind-the-wheel style with a custom, racy look
  • One-piece drilled rotors are a direct replacement for factory brake system and calipers
  • Perfect replacement for vehicles that came with drilled factory rotors
  • 100% machined finish, including rotor hats for better balance and finish
  • Discs are precision mill balanced to a tolerance of less than 2 oz per inch
  • Balancing ensures smooth operation and reduced vibration feedback at all speeds
  • OEM-style center-split core castings increase strength, stability and heat transfer
  • Directional vane cooling resists brake fade and aids faster thermal recovery
  • Black anti-corrosive E-Coat protects non-friction surfaces from rust
  • OE design installs easily and takes only 1-2 hours per axle
  • Cryo-treated rotors are also available for select vehicles, which are longer-lasting and reduce warping


Standard Trans; Base M/T & Perf. Package