• Enkei J-SPEED Quick view


    Enkei J-SPEED

    Enkei J-SPEED Enkei Wheels is bringing back the popular J-Speed, reviving a true classic wheel associated with the heydays of import car tuning. The J-Speed offers a timeless, classic, and sporty design that never goes out of style.   - 4x100...

    $152.00 $190.00
  • Enkei KOJIN Quick view


    Enkei KOJIN

    The Kojin takes the traditional 5-spoke design and adds just the right contours to give it an aggressive tuner look without being too loud about it. The Kojin is built using Enkei’s original MAT technology to achieve the ultimate in strength and...

    $208.00 $260.00
  • Enkei RAIJIN Quick view


    Enkei RAIJIN

    Enkei RAIJIN  The RAIJIN is a light weight street wheel designed for the everyday driver but with added MAT technology performance benefits. Named after the Japanese god of thunder, the Raijin is bound to help you bolt through traffic not...

    $240.00 $300.00